Frequently Asked Questions

Your mixes are gluten-free and free of  the top 17  food allergens. Would I buy your  mixes when  I only have an issue with gluten or food allergies but not both?  

It is estimated as many as 50% of households dealing with gluten issues also deal with food allergy issues but it is not necessary that you have both gluten and food allergy issues to enjoy our products. Our mixes are free of all the stuff you don't want but full of flavor and eating enjoyment.

Are other products produced in your facility or on your equipment?

We have a dedicated, inspected and licensed facility where only our own gluten-free, allergy-friendly products are prepared.

Why do you use the term allergy-friendly  instead of allergen-free?

Although our products are free of the 17 most common allergens, it is possible that someone could have an allergic reaction to an ingredient which is not listed among the common allergens, therefore, we say all our products as gluten-free and allergy-friendly.

What  are the common allergens which  are not included in your products? 

Our products are free of gluten and the following common allergens:  wheat, dairy, egg, peanut, tree nut, mustard, corn, potato, sesame, sunflower, gelatin, MSG, fish, shellfish, crustaceans, sulphites, and soy. 

Eggs are a common allergen and are not included in your products but do I have to use eggs  to prepare the mixes?

All of our mixes, except pizza crust, require egg or an egg substitute. See our tips page for additional information.

Dairy  products are  common allergens and  are not included in your products but do I have to use  dairy products in preparing  the mixes?

We have developed our mixes to perform well without having to add dairy products (excluding waffle, pancake, cinnamon roll and tea biscuit mixes). Almond or soy milk may work in those excluded mixes though. 


How do you ensure the ingredients  in  your products do not contain gluten or the allergens you have listed?

We require statements from our suppliers for the ingredients used in our products. These statements are keep on file and must declare that the ingredient does not contain gluten or any of the 17 listed common allergens. For persons with allergies, as advised by Anaphylaxis Canada and other allergy organizations, new foods should be introduced gradually.

Most  of the gluten free mixes I have  tried  produced baked goods that were dry, grainy  and  less than satisfactory, How do your mixes compare?

We think you will be pleased with our baking mixes as our goal is to exceed the quality of gluten free baking mixes as well as from scratch gluten free recipes.

Your instructions say to put the ingredients in bowl of stand mixer. Can I use a hand mixer instead?

Our products were developed using a stand mixer but we have preformed some testing using a hand mixer and have had good results using the mixing speeds and times recommended in the package directions.