What Others are Saying

Serenity Foods does something amazing ! They make baking mixes without any of the top food allergens. . . .a feat I previously thought impossible. . . .Serenity Foods proves otherwise. As an added bonus their mixes are also gluten-free and vegan.
I’m usually pretty resistant to trying baking mixes.  They always seem to be lacking something - but not Serenity Foods! I can honestly say that the baking mixes I tried were all delicious.
The Oatmeal Cookies were chewy, moist, and tasted just like a cookie made with dairy and wheat ingredients. They were addictive - just like an oatmeal cookie should be.
The Double Chocolate Brownies were rich and tasty. Everyone seemed to really enjoy them.
And, as you can probably guess from the trend, the Vanilla Cake was great as well.
The instructions for baking are very easy to follow, and the ingredients are packaged nice and cleanly.